O:m Asmad Gurubhyo: Namaha

Sri:mathe: Ra:ma:nuja:ya Namaha






yanmu:lam i:drukprathibha:thi thathwam

ya:mu:lam a:mna:ya maha:druma:na:m

thaththwe:na ja:nanthi visuddha saththwa:ha

thwa:m akshara:m aksharama:thruka:mthe:


Recitation in Sri Swamiji's voice


yanmu:lam = having the syllable a as the basis;

i:druk = such sentient and insentient; thathwam = all matter;

prathibha:thi = shines; ya = which; mu:lam = main reason;

a:mna:ya maha:druma:na:m = for the great trees called the Ve:da:s;

thaththwe:na = truly; ja:nanthi = are aware of;

visuddha saththwa:ha = those with purity;

thwa:m = Your (form); aksharam = One without destruction;

aksharama:thruka:m = the mother of all syllables a; the: = such;


          Hayagriva Swami is the form of a, the first letter of the alphabet, which is the mother of O:m. Great sages have said that all kinds of matter in this universe have their origin in O:mka:ra. The universe consists of two types: the sentient and the insentient. Out of their combination only, all the four categories deities, humans, animals and immobile things come. These are called the effects. All these worldly phenomena which are these objects have arisen from God who is the form of O:m. They also dissolve in Him. If the world is the effect, the combination of sounds is the cause. For all sounds, the basis is the O:mka:ra of the Ve:da:s. It is therefore the original cause. The root of O:mka:ra is the syllable a. All sounds emanate from this. Even if all sounds dissolve, this does not. That is the reason why it is referred to as the original syllable. O Lord! The learned ones with no particular preferences have declared You are the essence of this a. This is so because You were the cause of everything in the beginning. The syllable is the only cause. Therefore, both the cause and the effect are in You, the form of a.